Quality Policy

In order to consolidate the performance of our company, to ensure our competitiveness and to sustain our competitive advantage on the market, I have decided to consolidate our Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. The expected results of this approach are to reinforce “Our commitment to the health of the population”.

In a context where the demand for health care is extremely high, we must be attentive to our customers and partners in order to carry out our mission: “To provide effective and accessible Medical Devices for the improvement of health”.

To achieve this, our efforts should be focused on the following:

1 – A commitment to meeting our Customers’ requirements through:

    • The quality of our services and products;
    • The efficiency and reliability of our services;
    • The attentiveness, flexibility and availability of our teams.

2 – The development of our Human Resources, placed at the heart of our strategy and, whose competence and well-being are the guarantee of our success.

3 – A dynamic and rigorous organisation of all our activities with a view to positioning ourselves as a leader in our sector of activity:

    • The development of our expertise in all our business activities and the transformation of our technical support centre into a profit centre.
    • The control of our support operations through better planning and valorisation of our needs by considering our suppliers as true partners.

4 – Increasing the profitability of our activities by controlling all costs, particularly those generated by malfunctions or inefficiencies.

These points will be translated into objectives and the appropriate means will be made available to enable their achievement. These objectives will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they are achieved and that our results are continuously improved in the search for efficiency.

This policy is an integral part of our development strategy.

In order to achieve this common ambition quickly, I have appointed a Quality Manager who will be responsible for coordinating all Quality Management System activities.

I commit myself to comply with the applicable requirements, to allocate the necessary resources and to actively participate in achieving our objectives.

Finally, I invite each of you to get involved in the consolidation of our shared values so that the objectives we have defined can be achieved and sustained.

Written in Dakar on 20 March 2020

General Manager